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Installation Instructions - CLICK HERE

DO NOT drive with Jack-Its installed on propane tank, if tank is on outside of vehicle.

I've seen other designs on your old Jack-its.com website that I do not see here.  Are they available?  Please contact us by phone or email, and let us know which design you are interested in purchasing.  In most cases, we can produce a previous design not seen here.

How do I know if my Jack-It has been installed properly?
  When the propane tank is on a flat surface, the bottom edge should measure 2.5" from that surface.  The "fingers" should curl on to the neck of the tank.

What should I do to my propane tank before installation?
  Remove any plastic wrappings, clean off any dirt, and remove any loose paint before installing.  Install Jack-It before connecting propane tank to grill, fire pit, etc.

What can I do if the "fingers" won't lay flat?
  Gently roll each finger so it bends towards the neck of the tank.  Magnetic material has "memory", so once the magnet lays properly, it will continue to do so each time you remove and reinstall the Jack-It on to a new tank.

How do I clean my Jack-It?
  Use a soft cloth and mild dish detergent to clean both sides of your Jack-It.

When will I receive my Jack-Its order?
  Most orders ship within 2-3 business days, and are shipped via US Postal Service at no additional charge from Sarasota, Florida.  Your receipt depends upon your zip code.

What if I need my order sooner?  
  Contact us to find out how quickly we can ship your order, and for an additional charge, we can ship via UPS Overnight.